Open Letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel again!

A friend of the blog suggested that MJS was paying attention and used the proper type face for this headline. But that brings up two more issues!

What the flock is this page three feel good story doing on the front page above the fold when the White House continues to thrash around asea and in Wisconsin it’s Foxconn every day all day.

And why does the headline say “Brewers’s”? My The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, page 251, says it should be written as “Brewers'”. The s after the apostrophe should only be used with the last letter of the noun being made possessive is silent and one of their examples is “Arkansas’s”.


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1 thought on “Open Letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel again!

  1. Packers and Brewers are what sell the Journal Sentinel. Whitehouse stories are what sell the WP and NYT mobile apps. The JS is not the place for national new and what news is more local than that of our beloved sports teams. Bottom line is that they all “pander” in some way to their audience in order to generate income. While the amount of information and real time information available has exploded since the internet, the amount of credible news and news that not simply an op-ed piece is harder and harder to find. I canceled my JS subscription about three years back and haven’t subscribed to the app. Accordingly my local news is lacking, and I probably should subscribe, but I already pay for the NYT and WP. These monthly subscriptions can nickel and dime you…

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