Why Is Eric Trump Even There?

This little snippet is from a bigger WaPo article about President Donald Trump’s displeasure with Senator Bob Corker (R – Tenn). But it mentions Eric Trump in one quick aside…and only that aside:

Trump’s attack on Corker comes as the Republican National Committee is convening in the senator’s home state of Tennessee for its summer meeting. One of Trump’s sons, Eric, addressed the Nashville gathering on Thursday night.

So the question is: Why is Eric Trump addressing the RNC convention? Yes, as a private citizen and I assume member of the Republican Party he would under most circumstances have the right to speak to them. But these are not normal circumstances: the president, despite questions about ethics, has not divested his investments and instead has put his sons in charge of them, including Eric. Now we know that the Trump regime cares not a whit about even the appearance of ethical behavior, but I would think Eric would really want to stay clear of any active involvement in politics…particularly at this level.


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