Democrats Behaving Badly: Virginia Division

The attached Washington Post article includes a one minute video commercial showing a pick up truck waving a Confederate Flag and hosting an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker chasing four minority youths down the street. At what point do we as liberals and progressives and Democrats say enough is enough? Why do we have to stoop as low as those we oppose with our advertising and promotions and campaigns?

This ad is in support of Democrat Ralph Northam for governor of Virginia. Mr. Northam is running against Republican Ed Gillespie. Now I realize that Mr. Northam’s campaign didn’t run this ad but he has not condemned it either. And yes, he has also been the target of similar ads from groups supporting Mr. Gillespie.

But when is enough enough? When can we finally crawl out of the mud and actually run on our goals and principles and experience and vision for America (and in this case Virginia)? Is this really how we want to win? Apparently there are enough dog whistles to go around…and they are all being made in America.


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1 thought on “Democrats Behaving Badly: Virginia Division

  1. I think people are saying something about this as the polls there for Gillespie show a great thumping about to occur for his candidacy. While I get, and agree with your larger point, I truly think that the answer and action we want to see happen will show on Election Night. It is vital we win this race as it sends a message about the party at a time there is not much to cheer about. The tactics of a race are always things insiders care about, and I agree with you, but please know most folks are not pondering these questions over the pool table in central Virginia. We might hope they would, but for now we must just pull off a victory next week.

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