MKE Common Council Reaffirms Its Hypocrisy!

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn abruptly announced his resignation on Monday effective February 16th after having completed ten years of service to Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Police Department. His tenure wasn’t without controversy but he made some significant changes on how the police department was organized and introduced new technology and new methods of policing that for the most part improved public safety in Milwaukee. He has just under 2 years left of his four year term.

Well where does the Milwaukee Common Council come into play here and what hypocrisy is involved? Just a few short months ago they were complaining about Chief Flynn and his running of the police department…but mostly pissed about his lack of deference to the aldermen themselves. They were lobbying Madison to allow them to override the Fire and Police Commission, which hires and fires the police and fire chief, to allow the Common Council to fire the police chief (note: just the police chief which smacks of a vendetta here…not good governance).

My two previous posts on the subject are: Milwaukee Common Council Needs to Make Up Its Mind and MKE Common Council Joint Statement On Chief Flynn and Fire and Police Commission.

So here’s where the H word comes into play…the Common Council released another one of its joint statements extolling the Fire and Police Commission and their ability to recruit and hire the next police chief. The very same FPC that they wanted to take control from just a few months ago. Pretty nervy even for the Milwaukee Common Council. Here’s the text:

Isn’t that rich? The FPC was designed to prevent political meddling…which is exactly what the common council was doing 5 months ago. The FPC was established by state statute…the very statute the common council wanted amended in their favor just 5 months ago. And they support whatever process the FPC uses to recruit the next police chief…well…until they don’t.

I would hate to be on the short list of candidates when those candidates research how the last police chief was treated by city hall. It may make it harder to recruit the truly qualified candidate the city needs right now. And in the meantime, I suggest we drain the swamp that is taking over the common council chambers here in Milwaukee!


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