Don’t Let Hardening Schools and Arming Teachers Distract Us From The Issue

A little hocus pocus in the White House and state houses across the nation…as friends of the NRA talk about hardening schools to prevent mass shootings…or arming teachers to that good guy with a gun can take out an active shooter…don’t lose sight of the real problem.

First, schools are supposed to be comfortable places to learn…turning them into mini-fortresses isn’t the way to go or make learning less stressful. And after our previous discussions on this site about the low rate by trained military and police officers to cleanly hit their targets in a firefight…a teacher isn’t going to be more successful.

But this whole discussion is just a subterfuge. They can get us all talking about protecting students…we are missing the point. It is ALL Americans who are at risk.

Even if hardening schools worked…what about the rest of us? Those of us who enjoy an night out at the movies? Those of us who enjoy a night of drinking and eating and maybe some dancing? Those of us who enjoy a good concert in a fresh air venue? Those of us just casually returning home from a well earned vacation? Those of us who have elected officials who enjoy a little softball? Or those of us who like to gather with friends and family at our own house of worship? Who protects them?

The guns have got to go…the assault weapons…the large magazines…the bump stocks…and any other accessory that creates weapons of mass carnage.


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