GOP US Senate Candidates Bemoan Outside Campaign Ads!

Apparently Wisconsin’s Next PAC is supporting Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir in her Republican primary campaign for US Senate against businessman Kevin Nicholson. The PAC is running an ad campaign in favor of Senator Vukmir that is trending negative against Mr. Nicholson. Not all that surprising.

Of course Mr. Nicholson’s campaign took offense to the ads but Senator Vukmir’s stance?

The Vukmir campaign said it can’t control ads run by outside groups.

Well….maybe yes…maybe no…but Senator Vukmir could have condemned the ads but apparently she thinks they were helping her. She’s not adverse to negative campaign gigs: State Senator Leah Vukmir Identifies Domestic Terrorist

And then Vukmir supporter, Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald jumped into the fray:

Fitzgerald also raised questions about what he called the “Kevin Nicholson direct mail barrage” being paid for by third-party groups.

Hmmm. Interesting.

So given the fact that both campaigns seem to be the target of uncontrollable third party campaign ad assaults…and they aren’t enjoying it…where are their campaign planks for campaign finance reform? Anyone? When they win the primary and possibly defeat incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin will either introduce campaign finance reform legislation in Washington? On the first day I bet [sarcasm]!


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