The On Going Discussion Around Health Care in the US Senate Race in WI

One of the main points of contention in the Wisconsin race for US Senate has been the opposing views of Democratic incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin and GOP opponent state Senator Leah Vukmir on healthcare. And rightfully so, since healthcare seems to be one of the few topics of universal concern across the entire state.

Senator Vukmir of course has toed the party line and supported the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Now as you know, I am all in favor of replacing the ACA. But that replacement should be a universal comprehensive single payer system that covers every resident of the United States. I am sure that is not what Sen. Vukmir has in mind…but I am not sure…I haven’t seen a definitive position on the replace option. But I do know that it is insane to repeal an active program that benefits millions of Americans before you have a replacement. Just sayin’.

And of course Sen. Baldwin is a staunch supporter of ACA. And is supporting Senator Bernie Sanders proposed Medicare for All bill.

Here is a bit of their recent tiff. And I am not sure that Sen. Vukmir is really invested in what’s going on…but I’ll let you be the final judge of that.

From Senator Baldwin:

In Madison, Baldwin held a news conference to claim the election provided a “stark choice” on health care.

Baldwin said she was standing up to health insurance companies while Vukmir is siding with them.

She claimed that Vukmir “has doubled down on her plan to throw Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions back into the high-risk pools that have lifetime caps and sky high premium costs.”

Well…a repeal of the ACA would certainly create problems for Wisconsinites (and many Americans) with pre-existing conditions…and that part of the ACA is one of the most popular items in the program. I doubt that anyone of us doesn’t have at least one friend or family member with a pre-existing condition. So that point is hardly in dispute. But what about the high-risk pools?

Vukmir tweeted at Baldwin to “Stop the lies,” and said as a nurse she is “committed to covering patients with pre-existing conditions. We’ve done it in Wisconsin for years and will continue to do so.”

In another tweet, Vukmir pointed to the high-risk pool coverage that was available in Wisconsin before the Affordable Care Act. “As a result of Obamacare, we were forced to get rid of our plan,” she wrote.

So we have Sen. Vukmir committed to repealing Obamacare which specifies coverage for pre-existing conditions…but hadn’t put forward a replacement plan (that provides for similar coverage)…claims to be committed to covering patients with pre-existing conditions? The proof is in the pudding senator, where is your pudding?

But then the good senator goes on to decry the loss of Wisconsin’s former high risk pools. That seems to indicate she is support of them. So how is Sen. Baldwin lying? Huh?


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