Is Evers Making A Hillary Mistake?

Remember when the post election autopsy of the 2016 Presidential Campaign faulted Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton for not campaigning in Wisconsin? Are we making a similar mistake in the 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign?

Let’s not be that race?

The biggest GOP advantage is, oddly enough, in the very Democratic TV market of Madison, an 11-county area anchored by ultra-blue Dane County. That is largely because Democrats have declined to devote TV resources to a region they expect to dominate in November.

Walker has aired more than $500,000 in TV ads in the Madison market since mid-August, an effort to hold down his losses there. Evers has aired less than $15,000. In fact, while it is one of the state’s three biggest TV markets, Madison has been the target of only 4 percent of the broadcast spending in the race because it is also the most one-sided TV market in the state in its political make-up.

Don’t take anything…not anything…for granted this time!


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