I’d love to hear our conservative readers defend REPUBLICAN vote fraud

Many conservatives are really really fond of accusing Democrats of engaging in vote/election fraud in order to win elections, despite multiple investigations showing vote fraud is not nearly as common a problem as conservatives say. In fact, some of the most prominent examples of vote fraud recently have seen Republicans engaging in vote fraud.

With that in mind I’d love to hear those of you who consider yourselves conservatives to defend yet another example of Republicans engaging in vote fraud.

The North Carolina Board of Elections on Thursday ordered a new contest in the Ninth Congressional District after the Republican candidate, confronted by evidence that his campaign had financed an illegal voter-turnout effort, called for a new vote.

The unanimous ruling by the five-member board was a startling — and, for Republicans, embarrassing — conclusion to a case that has convulsed North Carolina since November. And it capped a dramatic stretch of testimony that described how a political operative had orchestrated an absentee ballot scheme to try to sway the race, now the single undecided contest in last year’s midterms.

“It certainly was a tainted election,” said Robert Cordle, the state board’s chairman, who cited, among other issues, “the corruption, the absolute mess with the absentee ballots” when he moved for a new vote.

No doubt we’ll hear about and see more examples of Republicans choosing to engage in dirty tricks and outright fraud in order to win elections as their base continues to shrink, because a party so devoid of constructive ideas is going to have a hard time winning elections legitimately.


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5 thoughts on “I’d love to hear our conservative readers defend REPUBLICAN vote fraud

  1. As best as I can tell, the fraud was committed by a single campaign staffer, one Mr McCrae Dowless. Mr Dowless is described by Wikipedia as an American political operative. He was not described in any way as a REPUBLICAN. He has worked for Democratic candidates Al Leonard and Ken Waddell before this. You could have just as accurately called him a Democrat. Ed’s done a great job here, but it’s nice to hear a different pitcher on the mound. Ball 1. (Go Brewers)

      1. Read the link. It does confirm that the candidate did in fact hire a politically androgynous individual with a record of success and a program that other people were endorsing. It also seems that the candidate had no knowledge of Mr Dowless’s shenanigans on his behalf. Wouldn’t that support rather than undermine my argument?

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