Audit finds Republican-implemented WEDC failed to recoup taxpayer money

Another day, another report of the Republican WEDC failing to be responsible stewards of taxpayer money.

The state’s economic development agency gave nearly half a million dollars to a company that cut more jobs than it created and handed out taxpayer funds to others for jobs established in other states, according to a bruising audit released Friday.

In addition, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. didn’t recover more than $400,000 in tax credits and more than $4 million in loans it could have when employers didn’t meet the terms of their taxpayer-funded deals.

The report by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau comes as the economic development corporation is tasked with overseeing up to $3 billion in state subsidies for Foxconn Technology Group. The Taiwanese electronics maker is eligible for about $1 billion in local incentives as well.

Skeptics for years have criticized the economic development corporation for not staying on top of its duties. Friday’s audit showed the agency continues to fail to track job creation.

This newest audit is just the latest in a long string of stories about WEDC’s mismanagement of taxpayer money and failure to create jobs as was promised. That mismanagement and failure falls firmly at the feet of former Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the Legislature – allies like State Rep. Robin Vos and State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.


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2 thoughts on “Audit finds Republican-implemented WEDC failed to recoup taxpayer money

  1. And it isn’t just the Democrats that are taking notice and having issues with WEDC: “The inability of WEDC to comply with state statutes and guidelines has put taxpayer funds at risk,” said a statement from Sen. Rob Cowles, an Allouez Republican and co-chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Audit Committee.

    1. Yeah but unfortunately there aren’t enough Republicans expressing concerns to really implement meaningful change at WEDC.

      That being said, perhaps the new administration can implement some new expectations in hopes WEDC will be more well-run than it has been.

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