Back To That GOP Sexism Thing

Earlier today I used an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the communications brouhaha between the Democratic governor and the leadership of the GOP controlled legislature. The term sexism got tossed around in the halls in the Capitol. And then this happened:

Responded Fitzgerald in a statement: “That is completely asinine. The most powerful senator on the budget committee is a woman, and perhaps they’d know that if someone from the governor’s team was actually engaged in budget negotiations.”

Fitzgerald was referring to Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills, the longtime co-chairwoman of the Joint Finance Committee.

Notice anything odd here? Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald only mentioned ONE Republican woman. Just one…but perhaps if he was…you know…engaged with the Senate…he’d know that the GOP has TWO Republican women in the Senate. The other is Kathleen Bernier who happens to chair the Committee on Elections, Ethics, and Rural Issues. How could he have forgotten?

BTW: there are (if I counted right) SIX women on the Democratic side of the state senate. Still not enough…but…just sayin’

BTW II: Wisconsin has a total of 33 state senators for those of you wondering.


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