Robin Vos: Over Our Dead Bodies

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses the latest row between Governor Tony Evers office and the GOP legislative leadership, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. Here is the link, but I am not sure everyone can see it since MJS tightened their paywall last week.

This petty bickering over communication issues needs to stop and stop now…but it brings me to another item from the article…and it relates to a quote from Speaker Vos:

One of their primary disputes is over BadgerCare Plus, the state’s Medicaid program that Evers wants to expand using funds available under the Affordable Care Act. His plan would provide BadgerCare Plus coverage to 82,000 more people and free up $324 million in state money for other purposes. 

Republicans have thrown out Evers’ plan. Vos said they would never go along with it because they believe it will drive up health care costs for people who get insurance coverage through the private sector. 

“As Gov. Evers is out there saying, ‘Take the money,’ I want to promise you it will be over our dead bodies,” Vos said. 

emphasis mine

So were are talking about expanding health care to needy Wisconsinites and Robin Vos says “over our dead bodies”? Whose dead bodies, Rep. Vos?

Since lack of health care can actually kill people…how fucking insensitive can the GOP in Madison get before someone on their side says enough??


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4 thoughts on “Robin Vos: Over Our Dead Bodies

  1. This just underscores the point I made in my post from earlier today – this idea the Republican Party is “pro-life” is ridiculous. They’re only pro-life when it comes to embryos and fetuses but once babies are born they could care less.

  2. The now infamous 2014 Harvard Medical School report on the state of the nation’s health as it relates to individual care and lack thereof through refusal of 20-some states to accept ACA Medicaid expansion money reported that 600 Wisconsinites would die annually as a direct result of WI (Walker-Vos-Fitzgerald) “leadership,” in denying affordable health-care. The predictions reported were a low of about 7K nation-wide to something close to 17K unnecessary deaths of US populace for lack of affordable care.

    April 29, 2914 Urban Milwaukee coverage:

    1. Oh, and I should probably remark that those 600 unnecessary WI residents dying through lack of affordable care is part of the larger GOP voter suppression goals as is the GOP controlled joint finance committee rejection of the water quality improvement funds in Evers’ budget specifically earmarked for Milwaukee and lead potable water pipe replacements.

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