First Two Years of Trump Presidency Were Stollen

If you were on Twitter or anywhere else in social media over the weekend, you know that President Trump was upset that the first two years of his presidency were stollen (sic). I don’t know who he thinks is responsible.

But maybe I can help clear this up for the president…during the first two year’s of your presidency, you enjoyed solid majorities in both chambers of Congress…so if anything was stolen it was the result of…your inability to lead, your inability to manage, the staff revolving door in the West Wing, the ineptitude of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the recalcitrance of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your complete lack of understanding of the Constitution, foreign policy, history, and economics…to say nothing of letting Robert Mueller get in your head (shouldn’t have since you ‘did nothing wrong’) and your complete refusal to let go of Hillary Clinton. The whole blame for your stolen years rests with the idiot sitting at the Resolute desk.


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