This Isn’t A Survey…It’s A Push Poll and a Fund Raiser.

This ‘survey’ from the Biden campaign has been popping up in the Blogging Blue Twitter feed for a few days. I didn’t pay any attention but when a similar come on from Senator Elizabeth Warren popped up I decided to give them both a try.

Of course they are both harvesting email addresses. I don’t have much issue with that and as a blogger I want to see what they are sending out to supporters and potential voters. Sen. Warren’s was a questionnaire with multiple choice answers that I didn’t mind selecting. It was very issue oriented.

But Joe Biden’s form started out fine…but devolved into a push poll and then asked for a donation. I don’t have an issue with him entering the race…but I don’t enjoy these old school politics.

At this point I am just taking a wait and see attitude in the Democratic Primary…but Uncle Joe isn’t earning any points today.


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