Scott Walker Never Did Reach 250,000 Jobs

During what has been one of the historically strong recoveries from the Great Recession…former Governor Scott Walker never did reach his promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin…not in the promised four years…not in the eight years of his two terms.

I never did think it was even possible given the size and population of Wisconsin and of course my post was full of sarcasm as well as some deduction.

But now in the post Walker world the facts are in:

New “gold standard” job numbers released Wednesday show Wisconsin created a total of 233,101 private sector jobs during the eight years Scott Walker was governor, falling nearly 17,000 jobs short of the 250,000 job benchmark Walker promised for his first four-year term.

The numbers also show that over Walker’s eight years in office, private sector jobs grew in Wisconsin by 10.3 percent, which ranked 34th among all states and trailed the national growth rate of 17.1 percent.

Wisconsin added roughly 129,000 private sector jobs in Walker’s first term, falling short of his goal, and the numbers released Wednesday show the state never hit the 250,000 job benchmark while he was governor.

The new numbers show Wisconsin finished in the middle of the pack when compared to is Midwest neighbors. From December 2010 through December 2018, Michigan (17.5 percent) and Minnesota (13.9 percent) added private sector jobs at a faster rate, while Illinois (10 percent) and Iowa (8.7 percent) trailed Wisconsin.


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