Time For A Bipartisan Bill To Define What IS An Extraordinary Session

As we’ve discussed…the Wisconsin State Supreme Court upheld the GOP laws limiting the powers and authority of both the governor and attorney general…who happen to be Democrats…who were elected in the fall 2018 general election.

Now these limits were passed during an extraordinary session held after the election but before the newly electeds were sworn into office…and the bills were signed by the outgoing Governor Scott Walker…who lost the gubernatorial election.

Well the various lawsuits…the one decided with this court decision…and two other pending suits…wanted the session declared unconstitutional. The court didn’t see it that way.

But obviously, there is still some disagreement about the legality of these extraordinary sessions.

To pass the measures, legislators held what’s known as an extraordinary session, in which they bring themselves to the Capitol when they’re not scheduled to be there. 

The groups argued such sessions aren’t allowed because the state constitution says lawmakers can meet only when called into a special session by the governor or as provided by law

emphasis mine

Or as provided by law…so maybe it is time for a bipartisan bill that defines how to call an extraordinary session…defines what laws or bills can be considered or not considered. The pendulum will swing back to the left eventually…the GOP should be interested in clarifying the issue as much as the Democrats. Who needs the questions? Who needs the lawsuits? Who needs the finger pointing? Who needs the hysterics?

No, I don’t actually expect any action on this…but there’s always hope.


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