Democrat Julie Meyer’s top campaign contributor contributed over $30,000 to Republicans in Wisconsin

Julie Meyer, the MPS schoolteacher challenging incumbent State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary in the 20th Assembly district, has tried really really hard to make Rep. Sinicki out to be some anti-public education bogeywoman, despite the fact that Rep. Sinicki has been endorsed by the largest teachers unions in Wisconsin including the MTEA, the very same union to which Julie Meyer is a dues-paying member. Earlier today, Meyer took to her Facebook page (which I’m still banned from) to attack Rep. Sinicki for having received campaign contributions in the past from Howard Fuller and George Mitchell, both of whom have been advocates for education privatization.

However, what Julie Meyer hasn’t told anyone yet is that her single largest campaign donor is Scott Mayer, the Chairman & CEO of the QPS Employment Group. According to campaign finance documents (see below) Mayer contributed $1,000 to Julie Meyer’s campaign, making him the single largest contributor by far, and it’s worth noting that Mayer’s contributions comprise roughly two thirds of all the money raised by Julie Meyer’s campaign.

July 2016 Continuing Report – Julie Meyer

Now here’s where things get really interesting.

According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Campaign Finance Database, Scott Mayer has contributed over $30,000 to Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, State Senator Scott Fitzgerald, and the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee going back more than 15 years.

So apparently in Julie Meyer’s world Rep. Sinicki having taken campaign contributions in the past from Howard Fuller and George Mitchell is bad, terrible, awful, and a whole lot of other things, but her taking her largest campaign contributions from a die-hard supporter of Republicans in Wisconsin is no big deal.


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13 thoughts on “Democrat Julie Meyer’s top campaign contributor contributed over $30,000 to Republicans in Wisconsin

  1. Hi Zach – You are obviously not interested in fairly covering this race, but your reader should know that Scott and I went to grade school together. He is a great friend and I appreciate his support.

    1. Hi Julie-

      So glad you could take the time to respond here after ignoring my email and blocking me (and my wife and others) from your Facebook page!

      Have a great night, and good luck courting Republicans to help you win a Democratic primary!

  2. Sadly, I see a good teacher who is misguided or a pawn of other powers making false statements. Public record is out there and I am wondering what Julie has to offer besides falsehoods?

    1. Zach – I am no courting Republicans. You have consistently spread lies about my campaign, which is why I won’t waste anymore time responding to you.

      Tracy – What falsehoods have I spread? It’s a fact that Rep. Sinicki co-sponsored Darling’s voucher expansion bill and that 3 of her top 4 donors actively support education privatization. I have run a clean campaign and have refused to focus on Rep Sincki’s many personal indiscretions. I intend to keep it that way regardless of her false attacks on me and my family.

      1. What personal indiscretions has Rep. Sinicki done? How did she attack your family? You say these things that infer wrong doing. That is the Republican way- inference.

      2. Folks its OK. Julie is a Democrat because 3 weeks ago she joined the party. Life long she states but this was the first time I have ever seen her at anything tonight at the meeting.

        1. Tracey, thank you and Patti for your insightful questions.

          I look forward to Ms. Meyer’s responses.

  3. Hi Julie –
    Quite a rude email you sent me – calling me a troll when I asked one question on your facebook page – that being why your teachers union did not endorse you and you just deleted my question.
    I have given your email to Chris to publish as well. Not sure if it is from you or Dennis, who supposedly runs your page but I would imagine has your approval to act in such a manner.
    Funny how you answered other people, both being men: Graeme Zienlinski and Kevin Fech, but would not answer me….
    I don’t understand your behavior at all.
    I hope you will address my question.

  4. Ms. Meyer,

    Thank you for commenting.

    Suggest you proof read before you comment, “I am no(sic) courting Republicans.”

    Scott Mayer is a board member of, Wisconsin Manufactures & Commerce. WM&C supports, “NAFTA on steroids,” aka the, “Trans-Pacific Partnership.” Please explain capitalism to Scott,

    “Without spending–there are no sales;

    Without sales–there are no profits;

    Without profits–there is no demand for workers;

    Without demand for workers–there is no job creation;

    and without job creation–there is no recovery!”

    From Economist, Pavlina Tcherneva @ptcherneva .

    Capitalists understand what WM&C and Gov. Walker do not, competition. Reducing compensation packages reduces the quality of workers that an industry attracts and retains. In order to attract and retain the best public sector workers–police, firefighters, nurses teachers, …– we have to increase compensation.

    Please ask Scott why WM&C supports the job-killing-government-regulations against marijuana. I would never encourage anyone to use it, except for medicinal purposes, but the prohibition against alcohol didn’t work either. Properly administered, tax revenue from marijuana sales will bring robust revenue to local and state governments.

    Ignoring climate science and the price elasticity of potable fresh water has done enormous damage to WM&C’s brand. Agriculture requires potable fresh water and a stable climate. WM&C is opposed to both. Please explain to your old grade school classmate that famine is bad for manufacturing. The future of manufacturing is green supply chains.

    WRT electricity, WM&C has also ignored a core conservative value, de-centralization. Energy security and the nature of electricity–it’s expensive to move–require de-centralized generation. I don’t know of any automobile manufacturer that isn’t investing in electric vehicles or hydrogen vehicles, or both.

    Big Data–Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, …. –needs data centers. Data centers need fresh water for cooling. Considering Wisconsin’s abundant fresh water resources, why isn’t WM&C using their considerable influence to build green data centers?

    1. I also believe that Scott is a big right to life supporter and has participated in demonstrations at various clinics around the Milwaukee area. I am certain that is not behavior that is exhibited by any democrats.

      1. Susan,

        Thank you.

        If Scott wants government forcing birth, he’s no friend of the Second Amendment and individual liberty.

        I’m interested to know if Scott wants a homicide investigation after each miscarriage? Does he want a medical examiner to determine cause of death? There’s no statute of limitations on murder.

  5. Childhood friend or not, when you are running for a partisan office, you have to be careful who you accept money from. All finances are public record, so be prepared to explain your acceptance of that money from your potential constituents. Of course, your method is to block people from your Facebook page, even potential constituents like myself, who dare question or challenge you. How on earth do you expect to tackle the “big issues” in Madison, going up against a LARGER group of people who are going to disagree with you (Democrats or Republicans- I can’t figure out which one you are, yet)….when you can’t even handle some challenging comments on your facebook page?

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