Robin Vos: It Is Ok To Phone IT In!

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R – Rochester) has been in a running dispute, via the media, with paralyzed and wheel chair bound State Representative Jimmy Anderson (D – Madison). Rep. Anderson would like to call into committee meetings when they run late and because of health issues he has to get out of his wheel chair.

Not so fast says Speaker Vos. That’s against the Assembly rules and is rude to the other members of the committee. Note…it’s rules…not law…and the Assembly can amend their rules at any time. The state Senate allows members to attend via phone.

btw: there is no reason that the Assembly does the people’s business late into the night. Both committee meetings and assembly meetings should run at reasonable business hours to start with…but either way there is no reason that the Assembly couldn’t and shouldn’t accommodate Rep. Anderson.

Particularly given this:

The president appeared caught off-guard by China’s tariff increase, and was angry when he gathered with his trade team in the Oval Office before departing for France…

Administration officials, including U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and adviser Peter Navarro, discussed potential retaliatory options. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, returning from vacation, joined by phone.

emphasis mine

Apparently the president isn’t insulted or doesn’t consider it rude when his cabinet members join a meeting via phone.

So…Assembly Speaker Vos! Do the right thing and accommodate Rep. Anderson…don’t make this a petty partisan thing…that it appears you are making it into.


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