Mike Pence To The Middle East?

Couldn’t we try thoughts and prayers first? But apparently President Trump is sending Vice President Mike Pence to the Middle East to solve the Turkish invasion of Syria and the Turkish genocide against the Kurdish population.

Vice President Mike Pence says he’s being dispatched to the Middle East by President Donald Trump as U.S. troops pull out of northeast Syria and Turkish forces invade.

Pence says the president is “very concerned about instability in the region” and is denying that Trump gave Turkey the green light to launch the invasion when he announced a troop pullout.

Well, I call bullshit on that last statement. We ALL knew what was coming.

But why the vice president? Where is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo? Isn’t he the logical choice? Or where’s White House Special Advisor and purported author of the unseen Mid-East Peace Plan, Jared Kushner? Isn’t he an expert on the region by now? What exactly does anyone think VP Pence will accomplish?

And why isn’t anyone from the administration meeting with the UN Security Council or at NATO headquarters? I know that question is redundant from my previous posts…but they do have the agency to get involved and bring additional weight to bear on Turkey. WTF?


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1 thought on “Mike Pence To The Middle East?

  1. Perhaps Trump is attempting to get Pence mired in whatever corruption led to the pullout in Syria, as an impeachment insurance policy in the U.S. Senate. (If Pence goes out with Trump, Pelosi becomes President.)

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