WI Senator Ron Johnson Apparently Has Little To Say on Ukraine.

Despite having visited there, having spoken to a number of Ukrainian officials, and clearly being involved in the president’s kerfluffle there, when directly asked about it, he said it was too difficult to answer. Wha? That’s never prevented him from talking too much about things he knows nothing about…how could he not have an answer for something he’s been intimately involved with?

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson dodged questions this week about President Donald Trump’s actions toward Ukraine, which are the subject of a U.S. House impeachment inquiry. 

Asked whether he has any concerns about the president’s actions, Johnson told the Wisconsin Examiner: “That’s an impossible question to answer that way.”

Asked again if he had any concerns, Johnson declined to answer. His staff did not respond to a follow-up request for comment.

And as we’ve said here and a number of times previously, Sen. Johnson is deep in the middle of the dread swamp. But having learned the art of diversion from his peers and mentor in the White House…the senator has taken up the hew and cry against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s administration has been “sabotaged from the day after [the] election,” Johnson said.

Johnson also issued a full-throated attack on what he’s called the media’s “biased” reporting and shifted attention to charges that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Democrats worked with “corrupt players” to get “dirt” on 2016 rivals. 

Since then, Johnson has continued to call attention to questions about emails between Clinton and former President Obama from his perch as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. 

On Oct. 31, he sent a letter asking the National Archives to turn over email communications between Clinton and Obama and set a Nov. 14 deadline. The committee, he said, has authority under the standing rules of the Senate to investigate government agencies and departments.

Sigh…Sen. Johnson continues to embarrass the good people of Wisconsin…I am waiting to see when he becomes an un-indicted co-conspirator but if he wants to go down with the ship, there is little anyone can do to prevent it.


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