Scott Fitzgerald Is Now Running the Senate on Rumor!

After ‘firing’ Governor Evers Agriculture Secretary this past week, Senator Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has apparently taken a dislike to the governor’s appointment at Tourism. But he’s working off of rumor, not facts…so it’s just one more day and one more way to exhibit is animosity for the governor…and probably a silly effort to prove his ‘toughness’ in his run for Congress. But here we are:

“There’s a couple of different stories floating out there…that has her in the position of trying to manipulate the tourism board,” said Fitzgerald. “I don’t have any facts on that…there’s press reports that are coming out that [it’s] happening.”

Of course a lack of facts hasn’t prevented Sen. Fitzgerald from taking action or refusing to take action in Madison. But to start floating ideas out into the wild without a whit of fact is unbelievable…even for him. This is completely contemptible. If there is a real issue…it should be taken up in the Senate committee hearing and not willy nilly conjecture in a media interview.

This feels like an attempt to ‘fit in’ the Trump Regime’s milieu…but it is one more piece of evidence that Sen. Fitzgerald isn’t fit for his current office nor his hoped for US House seat.


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