DNC Data Breach: We are blaming the wrong people here.

In case you missed it, and it’s hardly the top story right now, but from a Democrat’s point of view it should be.

A staffer on Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s South Carolina campaign downloaded files from the Kamala Harris campaign.

The individual notified the DNC, the data was deleted from the staffer’s computer, Mr. Steyer contacted and apologized to Sen. Harris, and the staffer has been put on leave. This all sounds awful but everyone seems to be making the right moves. But the fault is being placed at the feet of the Steyer campaign staffer. And I think that’s the wrong place to be right now.

Given the reports of hacking and server breaches from 2016…how in the hell would the DNC servers not be locked down and protected better than this in 2019? Whether this was accidental as claimed or intentional…it should have been impossible! But the staffer is at fault for not being more careful with files that were reportedly clearly marked at Harris’. But what the fuck, DNC? How could he even get to them?

The DNC said it does not intend to file charges.

“It is being labeled as unethical and in violation of our policy,” DNC communications director, Xochitl Hinjosax told ABC News. “He downloaded information for another campaign, and then he was forced to delete. I will leave it to others to decide what they want to call it, but it’s definitely unethical.” she added.

The Harris campaign, which owns the data, declined to comment when asked whether charges would be pressed.

I don’t know if charges should be pressed against the staffer…maybe it is appropriate. But I think Harris and Steyer and every other Democratic candidate of any kind who has data in the DNC servers should be thinking very hard about the security of their own data. Because?

Rep. Gilda Cobb Hunter, D-South Carolina, who serves as a member of the DNC executive committee, tells ABC News that there have been security “issues” with the party’s voter database in “previous cycles.”

Holy Chihuahua! The DNC has a mess on their hands.


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