NYT Editorial and Senator Feingold

Obviously I agree with the New York Times on this one, or I wouldn’t bother re-posting it here. But the vacuous campaign being run by Mr. Ron Johnson hasn’t gone unnoticed nationally!

When it came to the actual details of governing, Senator Russ Feingold, a Democrat of Wisconsin, trounced his Republican challenger, Ron Johnson, in a debate in Wausau, Wis., on Monday night. He knew that the new health care law will not reduce Medicare spending but will slow its staggering rate of growth. He knew that a vast majority of small businesses would not pay higher taxes if rates went up on the wealthy and that global warming isn’t caused by sunspots. He knew that without the 2009 stimulus there would be at least 1.5 million fewer people with jobs.

Mr. Johnson, on the other hand, proudly proclaimed recently that he doesn’t “think this election is about details.” That’s as good an explanation as any of why — in Wisconsin as in so many states — candidates like Mr. Johnson are ahead in the polls. Insurgent Republicans don’t need details when they can play on the furious emotions of voters who have been misled into believing that positive changes like the health care law are catastrophic failures.

The public’s lack of attention to detail, and Mr. Johnson’s willingness to exploit it, could end the career of Mr. Feingold, who in three terms has distinguished himself for trying to bring fairness to campaign finance and decency to national security, among other achievements. He has routinely crossed party lines to work with Republicans and has had the courage to break with his own party more often than almost any other senator.

Many Democrats are running away from their solid accomplishments of the last two years, apologizing for their association with President Obama. Mr. Feingold is one of the very few with the self-confidence to offer a full-throated defense of his votes.

Please read the rest at your leisure. There aren’t many days left before the election but I expect that Senator will finally close the gap by November 2nd!


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2 thoughts on “NYT Editorial and Senator Feingold

  1. Notice that the more people that answer a poll, the better Feingold does. The CNN poll proves this most recently, with Russ within 3 among registered voters but down 8 among “likely” voters. The media is trying to run with this likely voter screen, but they don’t mention that they completely screen out anyone under 35.

    Seriously, read the CNN poll, they don’t even have 5% of the electorate under 35. They are WRONG, and those folks will be the ones that put Russ over the top, probably by 5-7 points by Election Day. RoJo has really shown how little he has in the last week, and it’s very sad that it takes outside media to talk about it to tell the truth about how silly that nepotism case really is.

    Seriously, why doesn’t the state media go after these issues more. Is it because they need RoJo’s ad money that badly?

  2. This article hits it right on the head…

    This election has nothing to do with details or a qualified candidate – Johnson’s campaign picked up on that quickly and it worked well for them. They played off the anger of the people – it’s not necessary for Johnson to come up with any solutions or go into detail about ANYTHING.

    It’s sad when the electorate would rather rely on emotion rather than intellect.

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