Does President Trump Even Know Which Day of the Week It Is?

In a startling pronouncement during a public relations visit to an Apple Computer factory in Texas, President Donald Trump apparently thought he was opening a new factory…not seeing a new version of an existing Mac computer…in a six year old factory.

It was a pretty typical publicity event, until the end. Mr. Trump walked in front of the news cameras and took credit for the plant, suggesting it had opened that day. “For me, this is a very special day,” he said. Mr. Cook stood next to him, stone-faced.

The plant has been making Apple computers since 2013.

Immediately after Mr. Trump’s comments, Mr. Cook thanked the president and his staff. “I’m grateful for their support in pulling today off and getting us to this far. It would not be possible without them,” he said. He did not correct the record

The moment was part of a bizarre afternoon in Texas, where the president played up a six-year-old factory as evidence of his three-year-old presidency’s success in bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

And on his way home, there was this:

If this had been a one time glitch…a simple misstep…it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

But this is one more in a long line of obvious statements that have to grounding in reality. And given his surprise emergency room visit to Walter Reed Hospital, another very troubling hint to what his mental acuity might be.

And worse perhaps…nobody on his staff is willing to correct him.

Impeachment or no…the president isn’t mentally fit to continue in office.


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