WI Trump Supporters Say They Are Ready…Dems?

This article is making its way around conservative circles. Democrats should heed the warning embedded here. While you are all fighting over whose candidate is best or which candidate isn’t perfect, your opponents are solidly lining up behind the incumbent.

Get your shit together!

Trump supporters in the Midwestern states who will decide whether President Donald J. Trump will win a second term next November are organizing, undergoing training and preparing to begin knocking on doors this winter.

Last weekend nearly 250 volunteers gathered in West Allis, Wisconsin, to prepare what they all see as a yearlong battle to determine not just who will occupy the White House, but the future of the country itself. These were the men and women The New York Times referred to a couple of weeks ago in reporting on a poll of states like Wisconsin showing that Mr. Trump’s 2016 base remains intact.

Volunteers gathered for coffee and a program that began at 7 a.m. on a cold Saturday morning and ran through mid-afternoon.

So, as these folks see it, the problem isn’t that those who supported Mr. Trump last time are ready to abandon him, but that those Republicans who weren’t with him in 2016 have to be brought back on board. Mr. Trump may have carried the Badger State in 2016 in part because a lot of voters stayed home or simply didn’t vote for the presidential candidates.


Thousands of Wisconsin Democrats didn’t like Hillary Clinton and quite a few Republicans weren’t very enthusiastic about Mr. Trump. As a result, Wisconsinites cast fewer votes for president in 2016 than they had four years earlier when President Barack Obama carried the state against Mitt Romney. Republican strategists believe that to win 2020, the president needs something on the order of 110,000 votes more than in 2016.


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