Jon Richards pledges to end Walker-Schimel culture of corruption

From my email inbox comes this press release from Democratic Attorney General candidate Jon Richards in regards to yesterday’s revelations that John Doe prosecutors accused Republican Gov. Scott Walker of running a “criminal scheme” in which his gubernatorial campaign illegally coordinated campaign activity and expenditures with right-wing outside groups.

Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Jon Richards released the following statement in response to today’s new John Doe revelations.

This afternoon’s headline in national newspapers? “Prosecutors accuse Scott Walker of running ‘criminal scheme.'”

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice didn’t see fit to investigate, because they have ties to the same right-wing political groups.

In recent days, it’s come to light that Brad Schimel refused to investigate fellow Republican Rep. Joel Kleefish. He also gave former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen a sweetheart deal after being originally convicted of multiple felonies.

It’s a trend.

We can’t afford to allow the same group to continue to control the levers of justice. If these elected leaders refuse to even investigate corruption, how can we trust our democratic system?

My question for Brad Schimel, who wants to run the Department of Justice — is your campaign coordinating with the same groups who are accused of engaging in the same misconduct?

I will stop the rampant culture of corruption in Wisconsin that Scott Walker, JB Van Hollen, and Brad Schimel have cultivated.


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  1. Nice. I would like to see more of this, from Mary Burke as well.
    Clear and focused.

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