Impeachment: White House Grasping At Straws Edition

Those pesky radical environmentalists have not banned straws fast enough…as we find the White House wildly grasping at a few:

The White House is thinking about making the argument that President Trump wasn’t impeached because Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has not sent articles of impeachment to the Senate, according to multiple reports.

A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg, which first reported the news, that the White House legal theory is that the Senate would already have jurisdiction if Trump had been impeached.

oh….jeezuz louizeez…what next?


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1 thought on “Impeachment: White House Grasping At Straws Edition

  1. More nonsense from the Goobers On Parade. Just like all the garbage they came up with at the hearing. Everything from being like Jesus on the cross to fighting in the Afgan war. Their yapping was so long and dumb they should have just highlighted some in yellow just like another blogger we all know.

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