How To Handle Those 234,000 Voters At Risk Of Being Purged

There has been an ongoing squabble in Wisconsin over 234,000 voters on a list of people who may have moved…or may have not. Several conservative voters are lending their names to conservative instigators, Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty, who started the initial complaints and lawsuits. You can read some of the consternation at the link above or other articles on JSOnline to catch up.

Originally the list wasn’t available but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel got a copy via open records law.

And now that this list is out in the wild, may I make a suggestion? Instead of continuing to chase change in the courts, the grass root organizations should take the list and knock on the doors and make sure all 234,000 of these people are still/again registered voters and get them out to the polls.

Probably too late for the February 18th primaries…but they should be able to hit many of them by the April spring election.

Actions speak louder than words.


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