Dear Media: Use Some Common Sense With Your Photos!

I understand that there is a lot going on and the media is under a lot of stress to cover a week’s worth of stories each day. And as we’ve discussed here at Blogging Blue they are suffering revenue losses as businesses close or cut back.

But they still need to act responsibly when writing their articles and assigning photos to the articles. Right now the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is using this photo to illustrate their article about Governor Tony Evers’ decision to use WI National Guard members as poll workers on April 7th.

It is also the photo that accompanies the link to their JSOnline site in their email story notifications.

In our current era of social distancing and NO HANDSHAKES this is a bit disconcerting. Looking at the photo it looks like a warm weather day and not a contemporary image. But I think the media needs to be aware of the message they are sending or implying when they use file photos for contemporary stories.

They have a responsibility to keep us safe via example as well as by information.


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