No We Haven’t Been Testing Enough

And we probably still aren’t testing enough, but the proof is in the pudding as Wisconsin hits record highs:

Wisconsin on Friday tallied 460 positive Covid-19 tests, its highest count and highest positive testing rate for the past two weeks.

“I attribute those primarily to our increased testing capacity and perhaps increased surveillance and vigilance in institutional settings,” said Medical College of Wisconsin president and CEO Dr. John Raymond Sr.

Of the total Covid-19 cases recorded in Wisconsin, 48% of patients have fully recovered, 48% were diagnosed in the last 30 days, and 4%, or 327 people, have died, according to DHS.

emphasis mine

Too early to re-open…and testing has to continue to increase.


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7 thoughts on “No We Haven’t Been Testing Enough

    1. It seems that those in the 20 – 50 age bracket who are apparently healthy, who are suddenly experiencing strokes, should have self-quarantined.

  1. 310 of those 327 deaths are people over 50. I’m not advocating for opening everything back up, but since the people most impacted economically and the people most at risk health wise are two different age groups, I don’t understand why we are treating this with a one size fits all solution. Remember, this was about not overwhelming the hospitals. We have done that. As I type this, there are 351 hospitalized covid patients in the entire state Wisconsin (WI DHS website). The most recent article I could find on that provisional care facility at state fair says that it is completely empty. Maybe it’s time to turn on the faucet, just a trickle. There has to be some balance we can find where we can protect the vulnerable members of the country from this virus without completely destroying the economy.

    1. now you are willing to write off the over 50 crowd? The party line is 70! btw: the over 50 crowd is the GOPs current base.

      1. Did you read the last sentence of my comment or was the urge to fire off your preloaded platitude just too tempting?

        I want a solution that keeps people as safe as possible without sending us into another great depression. What I am saying is we have to find that balance. These balances exist everywhere. About 40,000 people die every year in this country in traffic accidents, yet no one is trying to outlaw cars. That means that as a society we have accepted a certain level of attrition as a trade off for the convenience of motor vehicles. But we can’t even have a conversation about that with covid because anyone who brings it up is accused of wanting to ‘kill grandma’.

        1. “About 40,000 people die every year in this country in traffic accidents, yet no one is trying to outlaw cars.” This one is always rich…we haven’t accepted the highway death toll. We’ve made billions of dollars in changes to automobiles and roads and local streets to mitigate those risks…including higher fines and license revocations from drunken driving (except maybe in WI). The recent rebuilding of the Zoo interchange included ramp changes and grade changes to help eliminate accidents in that area of the interstate. So that hasn’t been ignored.

          But that stat also ignores the fact that we are dealing with a contagious disease that we often can’t see until we catch it. Highway accident injuries in general, don’t put first responders and health care professionals that attempt to help them at an invisible risk either. Something that can’t be said for COVID-19.

          And if we want to use that 40,000 annual count, apples to apples, COVID-19 will be 360,000 dead if the current rate holds true.

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