Additional security personnel has been brought to Washington…some National Guard troops…and some Military Police…and these guys…who are supposedly from the Bureau of Prisons and summoned to Washington by Attorney General William Barr.

If I am a protester, how do I know these guys are law enforcement and I should comply with their instructions? (other than that they have guns?) They don’t have a badge or identifying insignia between the bunch of them and those are hardly what I’d deem as law enforcement uniforms.

And they don’t look any different than these doofuses from the stay at home protests:

If that first group is actually from the Bureau of Prisons, don’t they have real jobs that they aren’t doing?

And these had better not be contractors or mercenaries.

I try not to sling around the word fascist too lightly but with the current occupation of the nation’s Capitol, I think that it is now appropriate.

And for those who continue to say that the president isn’t scared…well just shut up! The visual evidence speaks volumes.

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