President Trump Is Totally Unhinged, i.e. Martin Gugino

Ok…we’ve all seen the videos over and over and over on the news and social media. Yes, the Buffalo police pushed back a 75 year old man who then fell heavily to the ground and was severely injured…and then they failed to assist him. In fact a concerned officer was pulled away by another officer when he stopped to check on the man’s condition. Yes, the man was approaching the police line and it looked like he wanted to ask a question. I did not see anything threatening is his demeanor nor anything in his hands that could be construed as a weapon or other device.

But this morning the President of the United States tweeted this about the incident:

This is just rubbish…we have all seen the video. If someone needs to see it and can’t find it, I’ll post it here.

The police disclaimer: they were tasked with clearing the area regardless of the age of the individuals involved. OK. Let’s say this was a 45 year old man (or woman). And they pushed them the same way with the same result. It is still police brutality…and the refusal to provide medical aid as soon as it was apparent that the individual had suffered a head injury is flat out criminal. Same if it had been a 19 year old….or 95 year old.

But for sake of argument, let’s try an experiment. I suggest that we engage a line of Buffalo Police officers and have then perform the same tactic on a 73 year old, obese man in elevator shoes who can’t seem to maintain his balance when standing, and lives in the East Wing of the White House and see how hard he hits the pavement.

Come on Washington, this man really isn’t fit to be president right now, if he ever really was. Time to toss him out.


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