Another Dishonest Email Solicitation From Dems.

I get an awful lot of emails from Democratic candidates around the nation and of course organizations like the DNC, DSCC, and DCCC. Because I have contributed to one or another of them at some time, they contact me again or sell my contact information to others.

In line with my election finance beliefs…you only should be able to contribute to those you can vote for…and a flagging interest in local elections elsewhere…I have been unsubscribing at a pretty heavy rate.

But I hate a certain type of email that is negative in context and tries to spur me to action by angering me or making me feel guilty. I have complained about these from time to time but they seem to be getting more popular this election cycle…even with Democratic leaning organizations. This week’s offender who got the coveted unsubscribe award is: Progressive Turnout Project.

I’ve gotten a good number of their emails over the past few months and just generally glanced at them and then deleted them. Even on their best days they made me uneasy…but now they went over the top.

Starting with spoofing the sender of the email by inserting my name in that line. You want me to trust you, send the email from your organization or a member of your organization using the organization’s email account.

And as I’ve mentioned before…don’t use a stupid, accusatory, header like this one: Voting for Donald Trump [please confirm]

Flock you! And here’s some of the text of their message:

Our data center just experienced a technological glitch.

And upon checking our 2020 Voter Records, we noticed yours was inadvertently changed to a [DONALD TRUMP] supporter.

Our research depends on accurate results from our Milwaukee supporters. Without it, we won’t be able to formulate our data‑driven strategy to defeat Trump.

Thanks for your time,

– Progressive Turnout Project Data Team

Paid for by Progressive Turnout Project and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

I think I’ve disabled all of the links in this selection, if I didn’t, my apologies.

I know that they say that negative campaigning works. But I thought that was generally held for candidate messaging, not for a group supposedly a grass roots organization. But this sh*t just makes me mad. There is no reason to try get me to act by raising my hackle. Buh Bye Progressive Turnout Project.


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2 thoughts on “Another Dishonest Email Solicitation From Dems.

  1. Amen, Brother! I too received this email, and I thought it looks spamish. Certainly not up to Progressive standards. And I also agree with your stance on donating only in races we can vote for.

  2. YES! Any solicitation for money from people outside the district one is running in shows an inclination to appease special interests

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