Lindsey Graham’s Take On Releasing Tax Returns…well only some tax returns.

This little foray into Senate politics and Republican politics made a big splash all over Twitter for the past week or so but didn’t much of a splash in the mass media. So I’ve been watching it for a while and wondering if I should bring it to Blogging Blue. Well I should but I didn’t make the time or invest the energy…until now.

So the back story. Senator Lindsey Graham (R – SC) is running for re-election this fall and apparently has a viable Democratic challenger. One of the reasons may be Sen. Graham’s blatant and very vocal support of even the most heinous acts of the president.

So this gets a little weird and a little funny and a bit slapstick. Apparently the senator’s opponent was slow in? Releasing his tax forms.

Graham in the last week had been calling on Harrison (Jaime Harrison), the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, to release his tax returns and suggested on Twitter that Harrison was hiding something.

AND? Well he got owned:

Oddly enough Senator Graham has been a proponent of presidential candidates releasing their tax information…as recently as 2019. But here we are just 50 or so days from the November 3rd Presidential Election and nary a peep out of Senator Graham about where the heck are President Trump’s taxes.

I mean, the audit must be over by now! So where are the president’s taxes?


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