Senator Ron Johnson Won’t Be Hanging With The President Tonight

because, you know, COVID-19. Apparently the senator tested negative last night but is aware that he was exposed to someone who is positive. So he is in quarantine for the remainder of the month.

Johnson was exposed to someone infected on Monday and tested negative on Wednesday. He will stay isolated until Sept. 29 to ensure he hasn’t been infected.

“Sen. Johnson is experiencing no symptoms, but was tested late Wednesday because he was scheduled to travel with the President today,” spokesman Ben Voelkel said in an email.

Johnson was scheduled to travel with President Donald Trump to Mosinee on Thursday for a rally, which the Oshkosh Republican won’t attend after the exposure.

For those of you visiting Mosinee tonight, wear your mask!


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6 thoughts on “Senator Ron Johnson Won’t Be Hanging With The President Tonight

  1. “Senator Ron Johnson Won’t Be Hanging With The President Tonight”

    Interesting choice of words. Here’s a timeless gem from Benjamin Franklin:

    “We must hang together or surely we shall hang separately”

    If only. In a fair world, Trump, El Rojo – and let’s toss in Scott Walker and a few others while we’re at it – would all hang. Any combination of together and/or separately would do.

    1. Really Chuck? Does your hate run that deep? Here’s a better quote for ya…

      Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.

      -Martin Luther King, Jr.

      1. Not sure what they pay you to hang out here . . .

        Hate has nothing to do with it; a desire for justice does. Nobody said anything about returning violence for violence. However, crimes against humanity – and make no mistake, those mentioned fellows and their cohorts are by any definition guilty of such – have traditionally been punishable by hanging. Too bad it has been somewhat phased out. And the likes of you quoting MLK? That’s rich.

        By the way, your reference to me as “Chuck” tells me who you are and where else we’ve met. Grow up.

        1. Wrong again Chuck. Capital punishment is a manifestation of revenge, not justice, and revenge is just one of the many tentacles of hatred.

          I don’t get paid. That would take the joy out of commenting. I’m just an engineer with a penchant for Converse® All Stars, water skiing, and discourse. Have a good one.

  2. “Rojo” over the weekend said (MJS interview) that it is a good thing that labor intensive goods are “…more efficiently produced overseas in low wage countries…”

    To his heavily unemployed constituency he basically said that he doesn’t see how it is in a capitalist’s interest to bring that work back to WI. Iirc 90K Wisconsinites were laid off permanently as a result of manufacturing globalization under every administration since Reagan.

    I won’t speculate where he’ll be hanging out after his current term is up, other than it’ll be a mighty slim chance to be in that US Senate seat.

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