I think I have been lax in posting about whats happening in the US right now in terms of the occupy everything movement. While I have been watching it somewhat I have not been paying full attention to it. Tonight, a couple things caught my eye and made me focus on it a little more.

First off Tom Morello came into rotation on my ipod:

While I was there for the live performance, today I guess I really listened to his speech.

” The future of the rights of working people in this country will not be decided in Congress, it will not be decided in the courts, it will not be decided on talk radio, it will NOT be decided on Fox news. The future of the rights of working people in this country will be decided on the streets of Madison, WI. You’re making history here, and the whole world is watching.”

Unfortunately, due to poor media coverage. the whole world is NOT watching the Occupy protests and that needs to change.

This is being billed as a “the other 99% v the 1%” protest. How do I know that the world is not watching? Simple. Today in Chicago, The Board of Trade there openly mocked the protestors.

So let’s break this down. In 2008, Wall St crashed. Which sent the “free market capitalists” on Wall St. went into a panic and called their good friend Hank Paulsen (bush administration treasury secretary). See they need no regulations when things are going well, but when things are going bad they start looking quick to privatize the loss. So Hank went into action and immediately drafted up a 3 page bail out plan to \"save\" Wall St. The plan that Hank came up with was – I will save Wall st and the economy, give me unlimited taxpayer dollars and never ever ask me any questions. This proved to be too extreme for even the republicans( although Paul Ryan championed this plan to no avail). This led to a slightly revised Wall St. bailout that passed. This sent $851,000,000,000 Billion TAXPAYER dollars to Wall st. to cover their losses. They were so grateful to the taxpayers of the United States for helping them recover from their incompetence and greed, that they paid RECORD bonuses to the exact same executives who almost ran them out of business. Then the democratic congress tried to slap Wall St. on the wrist for their discretions with a very weak “reform” bill that would not stop such a meltdown again and discipling their masters brought John Boehner to tears. In case you were wondering, bonuses were up in 2010 also.

Fast forward to now, 3 short years ago we rewarded Wall St. with $851 billion taxpayer dollars for crashing the economy, and yet not one person has been punished for this. As a matter of fact, the guiltiest were richly rewarded. Now America has had enough, and are saying so, meanwhile the billionaires on wall st are openly mocking the protestors with their wealth. To make matters worse, people who do not have \"a pot to piss in\" are alos doing their bidding.

Yes lets demonize teachers, and defend Wall St. $53,000 a year is way to much for someone educating our children to make, its breaking us. On the other hand, whats $851 billion between friends? Next thing you know, they will be opposed to raising taxes on corporate jets, while pushing Toll Roads.

It would be like someone going through the city and collecting $100 from every household, then buying a convertible and driving around town so everyone can see what you did with their money. Eventually people get mad and are going to speak up or key the car. What I don’t understand are the apologists!

By the way, we were warned this was coming.


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5 thoughts on “Occupy

  1. And yet the message does not resonate very far outside the movement itself. That’s a problem. You can demand all the media coverage you want, but if the media doesn’t understand what it is you’re doing, you have to make them understand. Occupy is not doing that.

  2. Jared Bernstein addressed this on Huffpo:

    Last night I heard a story on NPR about the Wall St. protest that is now spreading to other cities. The gist of the story was: “what are these protests really about? What do they want?”

    I’m sorry, but that’s just not a head scratcher. Do these news analysts think it’s a coincidence that they’re occupying Wall St. as opposed to Columbus Ave north of 79th?

    As Andrew Sorkin put it today (after writing that the message was “at times…hard to discern”):

    … the demonstrators are seeking accountability for Wall Street and corporate America for the financial crisis and the growing economic inequality gap.

    Some other good websites here and here !

    1. Yes, that’s exactly the clip that drove my comment. So what’s Occupy doing to educate the media? I will suggest that releasing a list of 27 grievances is doing nothing to help. It only lends to the perception that there is no organization.

  3. It is a fallacy that the whole world isn’t watching…you can find stories on this in the world press going back to the first week…including al jazeera. It’s the American press that isn’t responding…what questions should we be asking about that?

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