Pres. Trump Opens First Day Back At Work With A COVID-19 Lie

I am just going to leave these things here:

Sometimes over 100,000 people? Here’s the stats from the CDC: Maybe in 1918!

This chart is actually from Wikipedia since I couldn’t get the CDC data to scale down to copy into our software. The death rates are identical except for 2018 – 2019 (the number is higher here) and the 2019 – 2020 data hasn’t been included yet.

COVID-19 is not the flu. 210,000 deaths in 8 months is not the same as 61,000 in 12 months and doing nothing as we’ve done isn’t the same as the annual efforts to warn people about the flu season.

And of course there is the relative success of other world nations to suppress and contain the coronavirus compared to the nonchalance of the Trump Regime…that has now resulted in 210,000 American deaths.


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