IF there were voter fraud and manipulation of votes to insure a specific outcome of an election the size and scope and visibility of the presidential election in the United States…there would need to be concerted and co-ordinated corruption across multiple states and multiple cities and multiple party members to pull it off.

And we have multiple observers, legal experts, and local and state elected officials saying that there is nothing to see here.

So, the president is essentially libeling and slandering the various poll workers, municipal clerks, and election commissions and officials across the nation…can we get a class action suit going on their behalf?

2 Responses to Should Poll Workers, Municipal Clerks, and Election Officials Start A Class Action Libel Suit Against The President?

  1. richard lesiak says:

    great idea. let’s start with vos and go from there.

    • nonquixote says:


      Further proof (as if it were needed) that the unconstitutionally gerrymandered GOP Assembly majority is more concerned about retaining absolute legislative power and control than governing for the best interests of most of the residents of this state was the retention of Vos as Speaker.

      Trump is posturing for an Academy Award for playing the role of the most victimized American “ever,” in order to garner cash and media influence for whatever his future “celebrity,” career plans are.

      Republicans and the conservative media are already jumping off his ship, which was notable by how little he was actually mentioned by GOP candidates in down-ticket races.

      Maybe another focus along with Vos would be Rojo.

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