November 3rd Was A Repudiation Of Donald Trump, Not The Republican Agenda.

While many Republicans are still willing to live on Donald Trump’s coattails, they will say he won and they will sue 80,000,000 American voters to prove that it is so. But in fact the American voter repudiated Donald Trump out of hand.

So while some on the left are gloating about a Joe Biden win…you need to cool your jets. President-elect Joe Biden will move into the White House on January 20, 2021…but the Democrats took a major hit in the House of Representatives and barely held the majority. And although they spent some serious money to take back the Senate, they clearly didn’t do that and are now pegging their hopes on the Georgia run off elections to get to a 50 – 50 split…with Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris as the tie breaker.

And that is the best case scenario…the Senate may yet be under the control of Senate Majority Leader and Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell. And it will take every skill set that Joe Biden picked up in the Senate to get any of his agenda or even his cabinet approved before 2022.

There is no mandate. There is no majority. This is going to be a long hard slog for at least two years…and there is a good chance that nothing will get done.


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5 thoughts on “November 3rd Was A Repudiation Of Donald Trump, Not The Republican Agenda.

  1. Ed, did you see the suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll workers left the room in Georgia? Pyrrhic victory at best. Even in the unlikely event of the Dems picking up both Georgia seats, the progressive agenda will die with Joe.

    “If one senator does not vote on a Democratic side, there is no tie, and there is no bill, when they talk about, whether it be packing the courts or ending the filibuster, I will not vote to do that.”

    -Joe Manchin

    1. I was just chatting with Rudy G on Twitter about those. The first one contained Hunter Biden’s laptop which contains the nefarious flipping software and the others if you look closely have Korean characters and the Maine customs stickers…they all contained Kim Jong Un’s absentee Trump ballots.

  2. To the topic, pearl-clutching conservatives have an effective war-hawk, deficit hawk and Wall-Street friend in the Biden administration as it appears to be shaping up.

    The Democrats won’t do one thing to help regular working people, won’t seek to create a cohesive base going forward, won’t organize and will lay the mid-terms wide open to the another huge loss of congressional and state legislative seats doubling those 1030 lost to the GOP by Obama/Biden previously. Expect nothing from them except economic devastation and more war and more pandemic death.

    Comedian Jimmy Dore suggested the Progressive Caucus threaten to NOT vote to confirm Pelosi if she doesn’t promise publicly to bring M4A to an immediate vote in January. PC co-chair Mark Pocan was factually called to the carpet last night on the topic.

    The Democrats are done, deliberately committing suicide and no one should think there is any progressive action coming from this useless lot. Another example NDAA $740B approved, nothing for the pandemic or those being evicted and starving and dying.

    1. There shouldn’t be anything in the NDAA directly related to the pandemic. That should be a separate bill clearly defined in it’s use and dollar amount and passed by a bipartisan veto proof majority. We should know what we are getting for the pandemic as openly and transparently as we can. We already have a president threatening to veto the NDAA because his ‘required’ changes to the internet protection act aren’t being included. We don’t need extra shenanigans around pandemic support plans.

      1. Sorry Ed that I wasn’t more clear…

        …the NDAA approval speaks to the entirely misplaced and nearly non-existent Democratic Party priorities as they relate to the present death toll, the economic toll, the human suffering and more promises of lackluster incrementalism coming from Pelosi as Speaker.

        Indicative of the unarguably elitist, corporate largess, f-u attitude of DNC to DPW failed neo-liberal leadership to more traditional expectations of what Democrats should be, was exhibited in all its inglorious pantomime shame with Pelosi et al., taking a knee draped with Ghanaian kente cloth scarfs last summer. Empty gestures are the problem.

        Pretending that a duopoly struggle between left and right political ideologies is the problem keeps affording cover for the actual economic class warfare we’ve all been subjected to since Bill Clinton effectively advanced Reaganomics (NAFTA) which an aging Reagan couldn’t really manage to do.

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