Trump Lawsuit Makes It To Wisconsin Supreme Court:

After getting trashed in yet another circuit ruling, the Trump campaign’s effort to negate hundreds of thousands of absentee and early votes in Wisconsin’s Dane and Milwaukee counties, the Wisconsin Supreme Court took on the challenge.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday accepted President Donald Trump’s lawsuit seeking to throw out hundreds of thousands of ballots in Democratic Dane and Milwaukee Counties after a circuit court judge earlier in the day rejected Trump’s arguments. 

The circuit court judge’s ruling represented the latest in a string of defeats for the president, who is now relying on his last appeal with the state’s high court before the state’s presidential electors vote for President-elect Joe Biden on Monday. 

Due to the compressed timeline, the court will hear oral arguments in the case at noon on Saturday.

Racine County Reserve Judge Stephen Simanek said Wisconsin’s voting laws were properly followed in the Nov. 3 election, and that Trump’s attorneys had failed to adequately support their argument that elections officials erroneously interpreted absentee ballot law.

“The real dispute here is whether or not there were erroneous interpretations of law used in the recount in making the determination whether a ballot should be counted or not counted,” Simanek said. “Because the court is satisfied the rules and guidelines applied in each of the disputed areas are reasonable and a correct interpretation of the underlying early absentee voting laws, the certification of the results of the 2020 Wisconsin presidential election after the Dane County and Milwaukee County recounts is affirmed.”

Following the circuit court ruling, the Trump campaign appealed to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. In a statement, Jim Troupis, the attorney for the Wisconsin Trump campaign, said the campaign will also ask the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up the case directly. 

The categories of ballots the Trump campaign says are “illegal,” however, have all been deemed legal and valid by municipal, county and state authorities, and are categories of ballots that have been cast without issue in many previous elections. The Trump campaign is brushing that aside, however, and seeking to void those ballots after they’ve been cast.

Sorry, no rest for anyone in the Wisconsin court system this weekend.


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