Lin Wood’s Law license on the Line

Prominent Trump ( election fraud!) surrogate and Blogging Blue 2020 Kook of the Year winner Lin Wood has been ordered by the State Bar of Georgia to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, which Wood reportedly has refused to do.

The development is one of the latest bits of fallout resulting from Trump’s deranged effort to overturn the November 3rd election, fallout that includes 1.3 billion dollar lawsuits against ” Kraken” lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell, criminal charges filed against over 200 people with many more charges likely still to come, jobs lost, families torn apart, reputations ruined, resignations, calls for the expulsion of various congress members, and reports that Trump’s second impeachment legal team has quit en masse.

How in the hell did so many people go so completely off the rails? What would compel people like Wood, Giuliani and Powell in particular, all of them with distinguished, high profile legal careers prior to this debacle, to cast aside all reason and judgment and follow Donald Trump off the cliff into a permanent state of career, financial and reputational ruin?

And yet even as evidence mounts that allegiance to Trump is mighty risky on any number of fronts, republicans continue to court and coddle him. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy flew to Mar-a-Lago last week to have lunch with Trump, in spite of the fact that a McCarthy aide told Axios that in the wake of the Capitol riot and Trump’s second impeachment, ” we’re eating shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner right now”. Some lunch.

Former Secretary of Defense and Republican Senator from Nebraska Chuck Hagel said this week he thinks Trump is, politically, ” a dead man”. It’s a pretty clear-eyed view of what awaits Trump in the next few years, in my opinion. If Republicans have any brains or sanity left they’ll cut Trump loose now and do their best to move on with rebuilding their party. Or maybe they like eating shit?


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