A Sophomoric Prank

Those are the words of none other than Right Wisconsin editor James Wigderson regarding Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ letter to Governor Tony Evers, requesting that flags across Wisconsin be lowered to half-staff in honor of the late Rush Limbaugh. From Wigderson’s piece:

” This is the type of political stunt that some college intern would think was funny. Vos knows Evers isn’t going to lower the flags to half-staff for Limbaugh, a partisan conservative figure that is reviled by the Democrats and even plenty of Republicans.

Even fans of Limbaugh would have a hard time justifying the state of Wisconsin lowering the flags to half-staff to honor him. Limbaugh has zero connections to the state of Wisconsin. He was not a war hero. He was (by his own admission) not a great intellectual. We can point to no major advancement in the culture of Wisconsin by Limbaugh.”

Wigderson goes on to note that we didn’t lower flags in Wisconsin to honor the great Henry ” Hammerin Hank” Aaron when he recently passed on, and that we should have. Good on you, Wiggy!

Wigderson seems increasingly willing as of late to criticize figures from his own party, especially in the wake of the Capitol riot, and it suggests to me that there’s trouble brewing within the WisGOP, which I intend to write more about in the near future.

But for the time being, while flags will remain at their current levels, let’s all take our hats off to Robin Vos. You’ve earned the scorn of one of your own for your ” sophomoric prank”. Well done, Mr. Speaker!


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2 thoughts on “A Sophomoric Prank

  1. I have often pointed out that the parallels between Trump and Walker are legion. I somehow missed those of Vos and McConnell. I won’t from now on.

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