Ghost Candidates For Dane County Board?

This isn’t original reporting from me…just a bit of information extracted from this article from the Wisconsin State Journal: Ghost candidates: Conservatives running for Dane County Board give no interviews, advance no policy positions.

A group of conservatives is running against incumbent Dane County supervisors for seats across the county in the April 5 election, but a lack of campaign presence and an unwillingness to be interviewed have left even their opponents guessing about the campaigns the challengers are running.

he six candidates appear to be running in opposition of the county’s COVID-19 policies, supervisors say, particularly Public Health Madison and Dane County’s mask mandate that conservatives on the predominantly liberal County Board tried to challenge and failed. The mandate expires at the end of this month.

There is also a degree of coordination among the challengers. Current supervisors have pointed to identical notary signatures on some of the campaign filings and the fact that all the challengers registered their candidacies either the day before or day of the Jan. 4 filing deadline.

This is certainly an unusual way to run a political campaign…no campaigning, no statements, no interviews? I imagine we’ll start seeing a lot more of this over the next few years.


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6 thoughts on “Ghost Candidates For Dane County Board?

  1. I’d expect nothing less than “ghost candidates” from conservatives, heck the republican party has had a ghost platform for a few years now.

  2. I see, or rather I don’t see, my latest pithy and poignant comment. If I don’t see this one I’ll just assume that I’ve been judged not compliant enough. After all, the new progressive mantra is that non-compliant workers are the greatest threat to our country. Bye.

      1. No I did not. What kind of an anti-American mutant attacks a blog site? There’s some out there with way too much free time and way too little wisdom. Not that it matters much, but are you saying that my comment got destroyed during the attack?

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