New Mr. Obvious Among Our GOP in Madison

Here is an incredible quote stating the obvious by Republican State Representative Jesse Kremer as part of his defense of his bill to allow concealed carry in UW buildings:

“How are we stopping them from carrying guns on campus?” he said. “We’re not.”

Well, no of course you are not, because the previous enacted concealed carry bill allows permit holders to carry their guns in the public areas on campus:

Under current law, people can carry guns on the grounds of public colleges and universities, but those schools can ban weapons inside campus buildings.

So yes people are most likely carrying concealed weapons on UW campuses exactly because the GOP majority in the legislature passed a law saying that they could…

Don’t get me started on the continued overreach of the anti-big government party as they continue to micro-manage the other public institutions and government agencies across the state.

There will be a follow up in this!


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