Turd In Punchbowl Award Goes To…. Kyrsten Sinema!

Democrats are excellent at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Case in point: Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-WTF?) Sinema announced yesterday that she won’t support the 3.5 trillion infrastructure package democrats had intended to pass through reconciliation, which would require only 51 votes. If Sinema won’t support it, it won’t pass.

In response to Sinema’s announcement, House progressives said they’ll block the much smaller bi-partisan infrastructure bill Sinema helped negotiate with Senator Rob Portman(R-OH). Michigan democratic Rep Rashida Tlaib had some strong words for Sinema:

“Time for the White House to play hardball,” Tlaib added. “We didn’t elect Sinema as president and we won’t let her obstruction put a Republican in the Oval Office in 2024. It’s the reconciliation bill or GOP controlling every level of government again, period.”

Sinema’s announcement comes two days after 39 people were arrested at her Phoenix office during a sit-in protesting her intransigence regarding filibuster reform. Those arrested included the reverend’s Jesse Jackson and William Barber II.

Democrats nationwide need to turn the heat up on both Sinema and Joe Manchin, each of whom have refused at times to get with the program and get things done. How about a statement from the DPW? Or from Tammy Baldwin? This is no time for timidity or decorum. These turd in the punchbowl antics from Sinema and Manchin are going to affect all of us.


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