Exclusive!! Inside Ron De Santis’s Covid Situation Room!

As Florida is emerging as the Covid epicenter of the nation, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is increasingly coming under fire for his mishandling of the crisis and his refusal to allow local school districts to make decisions about pandemic mitigation measures such as mask mandates. Blogging Blue has obtained exclusive footage of a contentious meeting between DeSantis and one of his top public health advisors. More as this story develops!


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5 thoughts on “Exclusive!! Inside Ron De Santis’s Covid Situation Room!

      1. And yet every RCT study (the gold standard of science!) I’ve seen has underscored that mask efficacy is statistically zero. If you really follow the science, follow this…


        If you wish to continue to proselytize on the effectiveness of masks, be aware that confusing science with religion can lead to poor, even dangerous, decisions. Last year at around this time 50,000+ people gathered in Crandon to see the Brush Run race. One of them was not feeling well and got tested for the ‘rona. Before his test came back, he wanted to go out to eat. He figured it would be fine if he wore a mask. Bureaucrat Fauci said so, his governor said so, and Steve Carlson said so. His masked face infected 6 that night. Lord knows how many those 6 infected. Vaccines are safe and effective. Masks, not so much.

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