Meet Jonathan Wichmann – candidate for governor and conductor of the crazy train

Among the many candidates sure to challenge incumbent Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in the 2022 election is far right Republican/Libertarian Jonathan Wichmann. While Wichmann might ordinarily profile as nothing more than a fringe candidate, his campaign was recently endorsed by none other than Michael Flynn, the disgraced and convicted former general who committed perjury and may very well have betrayed our country. That endorsement is likely to garner Wichmann votes from the Republican Party’s base, which seems now to be nothing more than die-hard supporters of twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

While I’m loathe to give Jonathan Wichmann or any other Republican much time here on Blogging Blue, he recently appeared at an event here in Cudahy and thanks to a local resident I have some video. Watch for yourselves as Wichmann spews all sorts of nonsense about communism, government “coming for your guns”, and anti-vaccination propaganda.

With candidates like Jonathan Wichmann in the mix the Republican Party’s gubernatorial primary is sure to be interesting… say the least. No doubt it’ll be a race to see which candidate can out-Trump the others as they vie for the support of the Republican Party’s increasingly extreme base.


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1 thought on “Meet Jonathan Wichmann – candidate for governor and conductor of the crazy train

  1. While Wichmann is likely a somewhat different animal than the Chamber of Commerce Crowd puppet which defined Walker, watching the video gave me the impression of a similarly glib and urbane persona as that of the little weasel himself. Interestingly – and probably tellingly – the signs I’ve seen for this joker have been exclusively in the yards which sported (some still do) Trump/Pence banners. Hard to say if this individual would be more or less evil than the Unintimidated One. S’pect he’s unelectable in any case..

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