6 thoughts on “As the COVID numbers start to trend upward (again); wear your mask!

  1. I’ve been tempted tell you to also wear a garlic necklace to keep vampires away. But I imagine you might not get the point that masking is an irrational superstition. Masks as source control was never science. it was a societal trope invented as a gambit to make politicians look proactive.

    1. and if you ever have open heart surgery, tell that to your cardiologist. other wise, you are full of sh*t on this.

      1. In the past, I’ve linked to several peer reviewed RCT studies that show that the efficacy of masks to protect against ILI is not statistically significant, therefore I believe that relinking to them here would be a waste of your time and more importantly my time, too. After reading your “cutting” response (surgery/cutting get it? I’m infusing my discourse with comedy gold here Ed!), a question comes to mind: Do you continue to wear a PFD when not near a body of water?

        1. you have once again demonstrated your confusion. I know when I am on, in, or near water. But I have no idea if I am being exposed to COVID when out in public.

  2. Not really sure if I can turn a True Believer, but I’ll give it one more try…47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects I’m sure you can find a few bits of dogma from the Missouri Mask Synod to refute such heresy, but your possible conversion was worth a try. I don’t seem to be able to post on your latest mask sermon. Not allowing iconoclasts to correct tenets concerning faith is one way, possibly the best way, to please the pharisees. Well played.

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