4 thoughts on “As the COVID numbers start to trend upward (again); wear your mask!

  1. I’ve been tempted tell you to also wear a garlic necklace to keep vampires away. But I imagine you might not get the point that masking is an irrational superstition. Masks as source control was never science. it was a societal trope invented as a gambit to make politicians look proactive.

    1. and if you ever have open heart surgery, tell that to your cardiologist. other wise, you are full of sh*t on this.

      1. In the past, I’ve linked to several peer reviewed RCT studies that show that the efficacy of masks to protect against ILI is not statistically significant, therefore I believe that relinking to them here would be a waste of your time and more importantly my time, too. After reading your “cutting” response (surgery/cutting get it? I’m infusing my discourse with comedy gold here Ed!), a question comes to mind: Do you continue to wear a PFD when not near a body of water?

        1. you have once again demonstrated your confusion. I know when I am on, in, or near water. But I have no idea if I am being exposed to COVID when out in public.

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