And Robin Vos Could Have Had A Retired Judge Who Knows How Elections Work!

Remember the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board? Most of you probably do and we’ve written about it a number of times over the years. But the GAB was a non-partisan board of nine retired judges who were tasked with the oversight of government ethics, elections, and campaign finance in Wisconsin. So certainly anyone of those who had served on the GAB would be well versed in how Wisconsin elections work.

So Assembly Speaker Robin Vos could easily have picked a former GAB member to run his 2020 election inquisition.

But no, he picked former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who on several occasions has stated he doesn’t understand how elections work. But Vos needed someone to support the Wisconsin GOP’s total buy in of the big lie. Now given that Mr. Gableman had to run for public office you kinda wonder at this lack of knowledge. Who ran his campaign? Who filed his papers? Who filed his finances? Who kept track of the counts on election night? Gableman has no knowledge of this stuff? He was right in the middle of it via his statewide campaigns.

So if you want proof that Robin Vos is in on the fix…look no further than his selection of chief inquisitor for a useless and shameful fraudulent election investigation.


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