OK Dude: Time to get vaxed: COVID-19 lowers sperm count, motility

Talk about toxic masculinity! Now the virus is attacking your very manhood. What will you do about it?

The semen itself was not infectious, the researchers found. But among 35 men who provided samples within a month after recovery from symptomatic infection, reductions in sperm motility were evident in 60% and sperm counts were reduced in 37%. As reported on Monday in Fertility and Sterility, semen samples were obtained from 120 Belgian men with an average age of 35 years, at an average of 52 days after their COVID-19 symptoms had resolved. Among 51 men tested between one and two months after recovery, 37% had reduced sperm motility and 29% had low sperm counts. Among 34 men who provided semen samples at least two months after recovery, sperm motility was impaired in 28% and sperm counts were low in 6%. The severity of COVID-19 infection was not correlated with sperm characteristics.

oh yeah, and there are some other statistics in the article about infection and re-infection rates…


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5 thoughts on “OK Dude: Time to get vaxed: COVID-19 lowers sperm count, motility

  1. Not so sure the prudent blogger would base a post on a study so light weight that it borders on the anecdotal, but lets assume it’s true. With Roe going down next year, it seems that this might be a feature and not a bug for the frisky couple that prefers to avoid pregnancy. Huzzah!

      1. By your output, I hadn’t really noticed. Aside from this humble commenter, you know who would be a good guest poster? David Blaska! He seems to hold President Trump is the same high regard as you and he is pretty interesting. The old Phil Scar guy was pretty good, too.

  2. While this is an interesting topic, the sample size is so small, all we can really conclude is that it is worthy of more research.

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